Trekking and Bike tour Sicily

Zingaro Nature reserve is the ideal location for people fond of trekking.
Natural heritage of West Sicily, Zingaro is surrounded by hill, mountainous and coastline paths where you can enjoy in discovering sandy beaches surrounded by typical dwarf palms.
Zingaro is also tradition… beginning from “manna” products to the weawe of dwarf palms producing baskets, bags, ropes and brooms.

Favignana, ideal location for biking tour in sicily, it is considered the butterfly of Mediterranean sea for its shape. Favignana thanks to its flat paths along the coastline, is wonderful to discover by bike, enjoying ex mine of “tufo” today converted in wild gardens, sandy beaches with its amazing clear colours.
Favignana gifts also Santa Caterina moutainous scenary where you can see the amazing view of coastline and the ancient tradition of tuna fish with the tools,pictures and video preserved at the Tunny fishng museum (Museo della Tonnara).

Next to Favignana, Levanzo island is one of the best place to combine nature and paleontologist… here you can visit a wonderful primitive cave with engraving scenes of hunting and fishing. Therefore Levanzo is very beautiful for trekking along the coastline combining a winderful sea bath in its inlets.

The further and wildest of Egadi islands, it is considered paradise for people who love diving for the richest sea beds with flora and fauna and trekking for its amazing panoramic paths along the coastline and in the mountain, perfect habitat for birds.

Boating tour or rubber dinghy
Daily boating tour to Egadi islands enjoying in discovering the wonderful coastlinbe, stopping at the best beach for a relaxing sea bath, having lunch on board tasting and discovering some typical food on board and then enjoying the little town of the islands…

Speleologist caves
You can live a speleologist day with professional trekking guide (CAI association that is italian alpine club) enjoying in discovering stalactites and stalagmites and calacareous formation as corals rocks. Following the labyrith paths guided by our professional guide you will discover a natural wild lake at the end of the cave for an amazing final surprise! 

Stagnone area and sea water sports!
Kitesurf, Kajak, sailing… you can choose way to discover the natural heritage of Stagnone islands admiring ancient windmills, salt pains and ruins of phoenician island of Mozia. Click here to see SAILING