Gastronomy workshops

For your gastronomy holiday in Trapani, we arrange nice little activities to make our guests’ stay as more pleasant as possible. In our kitchen-laboratory with sea view terrace, our guests can participate to:

You can participate in our activities related to Food&Wine’s world, which will be repeated weekly:

– Soirée “Trapanese Pesto”: A wooden mortar will be furnished to our guests with typical ingredients from Trapanese Pesto’s tradition: (Slow Food Conviviums) Nubia’s Red Garlic and Trapani’s Sea Salt, Tomatoes, Almonds, fresh Basil, Olive Oil. All together, after having cut the ingredients, we will crush them in the wooden mortar preparing our “Pesto alla Trapanese”. After the preparation of Pesto, we will cook the pasta for tasting it together in our sea view terrace.

– Soirée “Arancine”: Guests will follow together the phases of preparation of the arancines, sicilian street food’s patrimony. After having cooked the rice and after letting it rest, we will begin to cut all the ingredients to prepare arancines with ham, cheeses, pistachio, Sicilian little salami. Then we will venture in the preparation of the arancines and we will see who will make the more rounded arancina :)

– Soirée “Tunas & Tunnies”: This evening we will meet Mr. Solina, local fisherman who worked up to 20 years ago in Trapani’s Tunny. After having shortly told us his history, he will show us how they prepared the nets of Tonnara and they were prepared and, through a smaller scale model, we will understand as the tuna was fished. After our fisherman’s talk, we will discover tuna’s tastes and nice smells…from the egg to the ficazza, from pasta with tuna’s egg to tuna’s bresaola, ending with the “ventresca”.

– Sicilian Wines & Cheeses: At sunset time in our sea view terrace, for the real good wine lovers we will discover the flavours and the taste of worldwide popular Nero d’Avola, Grillo, Cataratto and Passito of Sicily combined with the local typical products. We will taste, with the “Nero”, the sicilian seasoned cheeses, as “Primo Sale” and the seasoned “Pecorino”. The white wines will be combined with the fresh ricotta and with the light cheeses, like Primo Sale and the Tumma. Passito di Pantelleria will be combined the typical almond’s sweets.